Dear Glob, What Have I Done

I started a Blog because I have a migraine. This is a migraine-based blog. So maybe I should just start issuing warnings now.

For example, I celebrate life with a certain rage one does not come by easily these days. I think most people think I am amusing and witty, but they are fools. Puny fools. Generally I will be using this blog to suck the life force from all who read it. Like right now – your life force is being sucked. Did you feel that? No you didn’t. BECAUSE I’M STEALTHY.

Also, my chromosomes are not broken, so I will be talking about my lady parts at will. If you don’t like it, duck. It will pass.

What else. I rant nonsensically at times but I guarantee it will all come around and make sense. Seriously. Cyclical, bitches.

So, for now I’ll leave it at that and end things with a photo of a sand dune in P-Town. Yes, that P-Town. The one with all the gays. Yes.


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